What can we do for you?

Essentially we specialise in all aspects of aquatic management, from standard construction to the weird and wonderful. We offer the full package on all our projects from start to finish.
We are always happy to hear ideas or concepts for large water features or aquatic businesses. So any ideas you may have feel free to run it by us no matter how obscure you think it may be. We are pragmatic and pride ourselves on not only achieving our client goals but also exceeding their expectations.


Typical jobs for us (not limited to):

We re-fit aquatic shops,
Supply and design of excellent filtration systems for all ponds/lakes.
Public aquarium design and installation
Private home aquariums (budgets 10K and above).  
Lakes – dredging, construction, re profiling, reed beds.
High End Ponds – Koi, Natural, Semi Formal
Swimming Ponds
University fish holding facilities – hatcheries.
Guest Speaking/lectures.
Medical systems for zebra fish.
Create new aquatic shops within garden centres.
All River management – Re profiling, public areas, de silting etc.
Consultancy work


All of the above and we regularly provide filtration systems for private Koi ponds.


We are asked to supply equipment for fish farms and send them over in shipping containers. We can also provide consultancy work for governments with a view to growing on the fisheries industry and increasing GDP.

Middle East:

Construction of water features and aquariums. Also all providing equipment.

All Countries:

If the budget is in the project we are able to work world wide providing the same high standards that we provide in the UK.

We can supply fish farming equipment and ornamental fish equipment to anywhere in the world.